Senior "O" Club


St. John's Senior "O" Club received it's charter in 1974 from the Federated Russian Orthodox Clubs (FROC), which is now the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America (FOCA), and became part of the Central PA District. The chapter petitioned the FOCA to become a chapter in the Central PA District instead of the New Jersey District, because many of the new members came from the Central PA area and had close ties with the other chapters and members there. The chapter was formed to promote fellowship within the Orthodox faith and help many of the Orthodox charities that were in need of support.

Our chapter does most of it's fundraising through a monthly pierogie sale. The funds raised support our own church, as well as Orthodox missions, seminarians, scholarships for Orthodox college students and other Orthodox charities in the United States and abroad.

The national FOCA sponsors annual conventions throughout the United States, where we share fellowship and meet new friends as well as attend to business matters. The FOCA sponsors bowling tournaments, basketball tournaments, summer sports tournaments, Olympic summer camps, and different retreats. These programs are not just for the adults, but are also for the junior children. Any chapter can bid to host these events. Our own chapter has sponsored many of it's national bowling tournaments.

We are always looking for new members to join us in our endeavors. Please come and see the good our chapter is doing!